Blue Buddha diy altar, 2020

This piece is the first part of an upcoming installation project that is still in progress.

blue buddha diy altar.jpg

Natural and synthetic fibers hand-stitched onto canvas; hand-tufted natural and synthetic fibers; canvas stretcher bars; muslin; latex; milk; natural indigo pigment; stained and polyurethaned plywood; found photograph of Kim Taehyung of BTS (from Map of the Soul: Persona photoshoot) in 8" x 10" gold photo frame; various found porcelain ceramics; incense; blue sand; blueberry flavored Pocky; plastic blueberries; blue LED tealight candles; "Ocean Star" Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres; plastic Pokemon figurines (Glaceon & Vaporeon); plastic vases; artificial blue roses; resin starfish casts; seashells; woven straw beach mat; pillows made from blue plush cloth, digitally printed fabric (blue flames and pool water designs), and blue tassels; poly bags.

Mixed media. Dimensions variable; approximately 78" x 70" x 35".


Dimmed lighting to better depict actual vibrancy of

blue LED tealight candles.

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